End to End Solutions


Why use e2e? We eliminate lost time and inefficiencies that are a direct result of utilizing multiple vendors in what should be a seamless process flow throughout an eviction. e2e offers a true one stop shop for the entire lifecycle of an eviction.


The eviction process, while seemingly straight forward, has many nuances that can cost lenders and landlords a lot of money in lost time and additional costs. End to End Solutions cuts total eviction times by eliminating handoffs to multiple vendors while also cutting costs that often occur needlessly, such as multiple lock changes due to fragmented communication between the vendors and their clients. End to End Solutions offers a complete suite of eviction services that will optimize the process timeline and ensure clear and direct communication and reporting to their clients. Not to be overlooked is our solution to provide relocation assistance where required by local municipalities which can be a critical and essential value add for lenders and landlords.

Actions we will perform, and we are also able to complete other needs upon request:


Cash for Keys: Customer may choose any of these services or none at all. We will send the CFK letter, physically post the property, and door knock with the offer via local RE agent. If accepted, we can confirm that the terms of the CFK agreement have been met and present the check to the tenant when appropriate.


Legal eviction: we handle both post-foreclosure and tenant/landlord evictions. Through our nationwide network of attorneys, including the Virgin Islands, we will assign local counsel through our technology platform. We oversee progress to ensure compliance with timelines and report any issues to our clients and work to rectify potential delays with our firms. Litigation cases are also handled through our firms and can be monitored on our platform.


Property Preservation: we will order and manage the full suite of potential property preservation actions including lockout, trash outs, property rehab, grass cuts, snow removal, etc. For abandoned mobile homes, we will handle the removal of the units when necessary.


Vacant Property Registration:  We will oversee all communications with the local governing body to determine if there is a property registration ordinance that needs satisfied. When an ordinance is present, we will manage the registration and coordinate any fees due to keep the property in compliance.


Placement Assistance: Due to the ever-changing legal requirements of certain municipalities, where needed, we will offer a suite of placement services. We work with local landlords that will accept recently evicted tenants to expedite the relocation process to get your property vacated as soon as possible.


LEGAL NOTICE: End to End Solutions is NOT a law firm. End to End Solutions sent communications DO NOT constitute legal advice.