Asset Manager Assist

Residential Property, Pre-Foreclosure (PFC) & Real Estate Owned (REO) portfolios demand constant care and attention; from standard property upkeep to compliance with various investor, agency, and local requirements. ADRES offers comprehensive field services to optimize and protect properties nationwide. A key component of our comprehensive solutions is our vendor oversight infrastructure that manages, trains, and monitors a nationwide network of vendors. Our oversight helps vendors adhere to industry standards and helps provide the highest-quality services for your portfolio. We aim to inspect, preserve and maintain properties as if they were our own, and offer a full range of scalable services as well as customize options to meet your specific needs.


National Asset Manager Assist Offers:


No Cost – Turnkey

Reimbursement Program

Not only is ADRES’s Asset Manager Assist program at no cost, our clients also receive a reimbursement check each month for the work that they perform.

National Real Estate Agent Location and Engagement

Quality Controls & Vetted Agents

Late Task Resolution



Higher Staff Utilization

Reduced Expenses

Shorter Timelines

Faster Closings

More Sales!!!